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Where to Stay in Newfoundland This Summer

Where to Stay in Newfoundland This Summer

Whether it’s a saltbox house vacation rental, drop-dead gorgeous boutique inn o homey hostel, there’s a plethora of Newfoundland accommodations to snuggle into this summer.

48 Hours of Eating: A Winter Guide to Ottawa Restaurants

48 Hours of Eating: A Winter Guide to Ottawa Restaurants

Visiting Ottawa in the winter might seem frigidly foolish, but it’s delicious! Small lines make hole-in-the-wall restaurants even cozier. From waffles and ramen to Spanish tapas, the restaurant scene is anything but cold.

St. John’s Beer Tours: Where to drink Newfoundland beer

St. John’s Beer Tours: Where to drink Newfoundland beer

Did you know one can actually be afraid of an empty beer glass? Luckily on St. John’s Beer Tours, cenosillicaphobia isn’t a problem. We all know how I’ve been praising taking cooking classes, now I have another regret: not taking a freaking beer tour! I’ve visited beer-boroughs like Munich, London and Chicago and never once did a beer tour — what was I thinking? I haven’t lived! So, when I heard Kayla Walters (I follow her fab account on Instagram) was starting up St. John’s Beer Tours I knew I had to see what it was all about!

Ultimate Townie Brew Tour

There are four different tours to choose from, ranging from a scoff and a sip in Quidi Vidi with Scuff & Scoff in the Village to axe-throwing and beer tasting with the Axes & Ales Tour.  The tour I did was the Ultimate Townie Brew Tour. It takes places on Saturday afternoons, the perfect time for day-boiling. All the locations of the Ultimate Townie Beer Tours are in Downtown St. John’s making it easy to walk around and enjoy the scene (and all the beer).

Yellowbelly Brewery beginnings

The first stop for St. John’s Beer Tours’ Ultimate Townie Brew Tour is Yellowbelly Brewery. We all met in the Underbelly, the speakeasy-type bar in the basement of the brewpub, to hear brewmaster Liam Mckenna talk about all things beer. I won’t divulge all the interesting hoppy bits (you’ll have to take the tour), but did you know the main pigment in beer is red? Even those yellow-looking wheat beers and black-as-night stouts are shades of red!

Liam showed us around the brewery — which is housed in a building built in 1740 — explaining the process of making the standard beers at the brewery. There’s a lot of technical talk, but there’s a reward: BEER! We sampled the four regulars — Fighting Irish Red, St. John’s Stout, Wexford Wheat and Yellowbelly Pale Ale, along with a surprise sampling of their cider (bonus).

St. John's Beer Tours Yellowbelly Exterior

St. John's Beer Tours inside Yellowbelly Brewery

St. John's Beer Tours Underbelly collage

Brown bottle history

After Yellowbelly we followed Kayla as she led us to some historical points of interest in Downtown St. John’s. You know there was some good beer history in there too (yes, there was a bucket of beer involved with the Great Fire of 1892). Even as a born-and-raised St. John’s resident, I learned a lot and went down some streets I’d never seen before!

St. John's Beer Tours Walking to Fifth Ticket

St. John's Beer Tours Walking

Fifth Ticket munchies

The second pitstop on the Ultimate Townie Brew Tour is The Fifth Ticket. This restaurant and lounge offered up samples from two different breweries: Port Rexton Brewing and Quidi Vidi Brewing Company. We also got to choose from a special menu; from polenta fries to chicken wings, there’s a nice selection pairing well with beer (obviously)! I went with the poutine made with fat curds from local cheesemaker Five Brothers.

St. John's Beer Tours with beer journal

St. John's Beer Tours Poutine at The Fifth Ticket

Mill Street local brews

The third stop brought us to St. John’s Mill Street Brew Pub. I’ve had Mill Street brews before — I basically lived on top of the brewery in Toronto — but I didn’t know they brew their very own beers here in St. John’s. Dan chatted to us about the beer while we sampled two classic hops; the ever-popular Mill Street Organic and the West Coast IPA. I fell in love with the Capelin Hound, the locally-brewed Session IPA, and the Terrazza Italian style lager is perfect for sunny days on the patio.


St. John's Beer Tours Mill Street Collage

St. John's Beer Tours Mill Street Beers

St. John's Beer Tours Brewnettes at Mill Street

St. John's Beer Tours Beer Diploma

Screech-In (not) optional

The fun doesn’t stop if you want to keep partying. St. John’s Beer Tours will take you to Christian’s Bar for a Screech-In if you want to become an honourary Newfoundlander (believe me, you want to), or just to keep drinking with all the friends you made along the way!

The Ultimate Townie Brew Tour is a great tour to go on with a bunch of friends (hello awesome bachelorette), or alone if you want to make a bunch of new ones. It’s the perfect crash course in Newfoundland beer, or a revitalizing refresher if you know them well.


Where to Eat, Sleep and Drink Wine in Niagara-on-the-Lake

Where to Eat, Sleep and Drink Wine in Niagara-on-the-Lake

It’s become tradition to visit a wine region on my birthday. Last year we visited Prince Edward County for the big 3-0, and this year we didn’t have to travel far to visit one of the best wine regions in Canada — Niagara. We stayed in 

Imbibe 2013 and an interview with Clinton Pattemore

Imbibe 2013 and an interview with Clinton Pattemore

Last week I was lucky enough to sit down with a real live CMO. Clinton Pattemore is the Caesar Mixing Officer representing Mott’s Clamato juice all across Canada. What does a CMO do you might ask? Well I met with Clinton last Thursday morning at