I’m one of those people who closes their eyes when they eat.

I believe learning about a culture can be as easy as eating at a local restaurant. The best way to explore a new city is to eat your way through it. Take a cooking class, chat with the street vendor, just get out there and eat! I’ve travelled all over the world and fallen in love with eating because of its unifying power — whether sitting down for a 5-course meal at a Michelin restaurant or Sunday dinner at Grandma’s, enjoying food with people is the best way to make friends.

I’m a full-time freelance writer living in St. John’s, Newfoundland with my husband Adam. We moved back to the island after three years in Halifax and three years in Toronto where I spent of my free time writing and eating. I have a BA in History, a MA in Art History and a Bachelor of Journalism — I spent the entirety of my twenties in school or travelling. I love to learn new things, I’m passionate about food history and I am always thinking ‘where next?’ Researching where to go, when to go and what to eat is something I do constantly, even when I don’t have a cent for travel.

My favourite foods

If I had to live on one thing for the rest of my life it would be cheese. Brie, gouda, paneer, feta; you name it I will devour it. Pasta is my vice, I love McNuggets, and I haven’t met a pastry I didn’t like. I cook Italian, eat French at restaurants, and order in Thai on the regular.

Where I’ve been

I’ve travelled through many countries including China, Greece, France, Thailand, Germany, Cuba and Australia and spent three summers working on an archaeological dig in Turkey. I have amazing restaurant karma and can spot a local gem in a second. If I could live anywhere it would be northern France — my affinity for wine and bread supports this.

Where I’m going

I’m headed to Tuscany for two weeks in May and hoping to visit Japan and Bali in the fall. My dream destination is Tibet, while India and Nepal are high on the list.


2 thoughts on “About Gabby”

  • Hello beautiful Gabby! Just discovered your blog and it’s a great archive of recipes, reviews and stories… I can’t wait to keep reading through the posts I’ve missed so far! I’ve actually been to Halifax, strangely enough (I live in Perth, Western Australia). A very long time ago – I was still at school and I went on a driving holiday with some American friends from Boston, Mass. What I most remember about Halifax (from a very Australian point of view!!) is the cold (argh, freezing!), eating some moose mince pie (I didn’t even know that humans consumed moose) and the beautiful scenery. I’d love to go back one day and compare my current experience to my memories! Anyway, it’s been lovely to find you here in the blogsphere. I’ll definitely be back to visit and live vicariously through your adventures! 🙂

  • Hi Gabby,since you love to try good food,i reccomend you to visit Cafe Istanbul on spring garden/robie str.They have great selections of local lamb and chicken meals also lots of Veg.meals

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