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I once heard a friend say “Newfoundland has a lot of brown food,” and it’s kind of true  — fish and chips, fish and brewis and chips with dressing and gravy show up to the table in hues of beige and brown. Green Kitchen is the exact opposite of brown food, flashing a rainbow of flavours and textures without meat or dairy. This new plant-based restaurant opened in St. John’s about a month ago and I was pretty excited! We all know about my love of meat, but this girl loves a good power bowl as much as the next one. When Jumping Bean closed their Harvey Road location earlier this year I was pretty crushed, it was one of the only places I could get a decent coffee in my neighbourhood, but a new restaurant got me over it pretty quickly.

The minute I saw the Facebook post about Green Kitchen, I knew I had to take my friend Marica for the inaugural meal. Her family mostly eats plant-based so she would be the perfect companion for comparing dishes. We met there for lunch last Friday. The layout of the Green Kitchen is a carbon copy of the old coffee shop, but where there was once grey armchairs and pops of orange there is a long banquette, natural wood tables topped with succulents and minimalist lighting.

Green Kitchen St. John's dining area.The Food Girl in Town

Order up!

Towards the back of the building is Green Kitchen’s counter where you order. They have Jumping Bean coffee as well as a deli case full of dairy-free treats from the local favourite, Mooless Morsels. After ordering, just pick a table and they bring the food to you… think of it like fast casual with half-table service.

Green Kitchen St. John's dining area.The Food Girl in Town

What’s on the menu at Green Kitchen

The menu is plainly laid out in different categories offering up a range of shareable dishes and entrees like sandwiches and burgers. Pub favourites like wings and nachos are transformed at Green Kitchen, serving up cauliflower wings with a choice of sauces and nachos with cashew cheese and pulled pork made with jack fruit. They’ve also got a small kids menu with classic staples like grilled cheese.

Green Kitchen St.John's Menu. The Food Girl in Town

Let’s hear it faux caesar

Marica went with Green Kitchen’s Heart Burger ($17.50). The sweet potato patty was hearty and had a dense meaty texture, topped with chili mayo, lettuce, tomato and avocado (you can’t go wrong). Her side was the “Caesar Salad” tossed with romaine lettuce, coconut bacon bits and cashew dressing emulating the creamy Caesar dressing we all know and love.

Blueberries be poppin

I opted for the Hearty Bowl ($14.50), remember my power bowl reference from earlier? Hearty it is! There was so much going on in there, the bowl was like buried treasure! The brown rice base laid way for zucchini noodles, beans, shredded carrot, avocado, sliced radishes, and a pop of the biggest blueberries I have ever had smothered in a maple almond dressing (with extra on the side). The only way to make this better would be to thin the dressing a little; even though it was delicious it was hard to get an evencoating on all those delicious veggies.

Green Kitchen St. John's Hearty Bowl 2.The Food Girl in Town

Green Kitchen was the perfect spot for a catch-up lunch with Marica. In a city with virtually two vegan restaurants, it’s a great addition to the limited vegan and vegetarian options in the city — and it’s freaking delicious to boot! I felt full after my meal, but not weighed down (not wanting to nap at the office after lunch is key). I’m so excited to have a place like this in my neighbourhood! I promise you’ll be green with envy of all the Instagram posts that are going to happen.

The details: Green Kitchen | 47 Harvey Road, St. John’s NL | Open Tues-Sun 12-8pm, Closed Monday


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