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When I first walked by Kimchi & Sushi the first thing I asked myself was “Is there such thing as Korean sushi?” After a quick Google search I fell down a rabbit hole of frenzied (but fierce) debates over whether Korean sushi is better than Japanese… I haven’t come to a decision, but repeated trips to this downtown St. John’s restaurant will probably help me decide! Last month, the new app HelpMeOrder asked me to collaborate with them on some videos featuring the best dishes at restaurants featured on their app and I was more than delighted to oblige. The app helps indecisive foodies determine the best dishes at restaurants all over the city, and for my Anthony Bourdain moment I ate the best of Kimchi & Sushi’s dishes and talk about it!

Did I have a problem with eating a pile of sushi and delicious Korean food at 9am in the morning? NO WAY.

Here’s what I ate at Kimchi & Sushi

Kimchi & Sushi The Food Girl in Town

The first time I ate at Kimchi & Sushi I slurped down a delicious noodle soup (we all know how much I love noodle soups). The Korean Spicy Noodles ($12) were full of hot-but-not-hurting-spicy flavours bathing the vegetables and egg.

Shooting with HelpMe Order I tried some of the favourite dishes at Kimchi & Sushi including one of my favourite Korean dishes, bibimbap! Chef Lee brought the sizzling stone bowl and almost drooled on him as he laid it onto the table already laden with food. I’ve never seen a more manicured bowl of Bibimbap ($17) — seriously how perfect is that fried egg?

Kimchi & Sushi The Food Girl in Town Bibimbap

Kimchi & Sushi The Food Girl in Town Bibimbap

Korean Classics

The second dish delivered to the table was another Korean classic, bulgogi.

Kimchi & Sushi The Food Girl in Town Bulgogi

The second soup I slurped at Kimchi & Sushi was Daegu Maeuntang ($15), Lee’s persistent emphasis on the freshness of the fish didn’t really phase me until I actually dove into the soup. The flaky cod was coddled in a spicy soup along with tofu and kimchi.

Sushi: Korean or Japanese?

I also got to sample (ahem… devour) two different special rolls Kimchi & Sushi offers. St. John’s roll ($14) is a snaking delight filled with fried shrimp, crab, avocado, cucumber, big chunks of tuna and cream cheese, then topped with smoked salmon and roe. The jury is out on whether cream cheese is welcome inside the layers of sushi deliciousness, but I freaking love it and greeted it right into my mouth.

Kimchi & Sushi The Food Girl in Town St. John's Roll

Kimchi & Sushi The Food Girl in Town St. John's Roll

The Black Dragon ($13) is Lee’s pride and joy, I could tell the moment he brought it to the table. The pieces were so big, I hesitated eating a piece on camera, but after one taste of the roll filled with shrimp, crab, avocado, cucumber and topped with barbecued eel I pretty much forgot everyone else existed.

Kimchi & Sushi The Food Girl in Town Black Dragon Roll

If you want to find out my favourite dish at Kimchi & Sushi on the HelpMeOrder app as well as other St. John’s restaurants, go download it now! Currently the app is available in Toronto and St. John’s giving wishy-washy gastronomes the best these cities have to offer. Kimchi & Sushi is great for a plate of sushi after twacking around the downtown shops on Saturday afternoon or Tuesday date night. I’m soya sure you’ll like it, I’m going to pun and walk away.

My Bourdain Moment

Teaming up with HelpMeOrder was such a blast, here’s the awesome video we made!

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