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To slurp or not to slurp, is that the question? When it comes to anything with noodles I’m going for it, etiquette be dammed. Luckily, Bad Bones Ramen opened up in downtown St. John’s and welcomes slurpers one and all. This delightful hole-in-the-wall has been slinging soup since June and it’s still the hardest table to snag in the city (take that Adelaide Oyster House). For one thing, they have no tables — a line of stools abut a counter that circumnavigates the small room — and they don’t take reservations.

While Newfoundlanders may not be used to tiny storefront eateries (or waiting in a restaurant lineup), the Bad Bones methodology is authentic. Many ramen places in Tokyo have maybe five stools at the bar, some even have individual stalls where you and the noods can be alone.

All signs point to hot noods

I was freaking jazzed to hear about Bad Bones Ramen opening. As someone who spent years devouring noodles of all varieties in Toronto, I was desperate for some ramen since moving home to St. John’s. Situated at 152 Water Street, the nondescript storefront can be distinguished by the HOT NOODS neon sign.

Exterior of Bad Bones Ramen.The Food Girl in Town

Slurping soup can be a bit sweaty at Bad Bones on a hot day (and a cold day for that matter) but it’s totally worth the wait and the sweats. They don’t just serve ramen; pho from Vietnam is also on the regular menu, as well as cold soba noodles and sesame and seaweed salad.

Menu at Bad Bones Ramen.The Food Girl in Town

A ramen-tic room

The decor is sparse in the hip kind of way, with an original mural dominating the biggest open wall. A cascade of faces guzzling down strings of noodle like there’s no tomorrow. I can totally relate. My hunger for a bowl of noodles is never satiated. An array of sauces line the counter, like any good spot would have, with the cutest little bottles of Sriracha I ever did see, plus there’s giant jugs of self-serve water for those amping up the spice factor. This space is all about getting in, eating noodles, and getting out. There’s an energy about it I really like — noodle hustle full-tilt.

Eating at Bad Bones Ramen.The Food Girl in Town

Skateboard Art at Bad Bones Ramen.The Food Girl in Town

The ramen is soy awesome

I know, the pun headings are probably killing you, but stay with me, I’m getting to the good stuff. What we ate! In atypical Adam-Gabby fashion, we ordered the same thing: the Pork Belly Shoyu. This bowl was packed full of flavour and stuff. Consequently, I could barely see the noodles underneath the piles of moist pork, crispy pork belly, marinated soft-boiled egg, greens and seaweed. It was freaking fantastic. The only complaint I would have, is that I wanted, nay needed, more broth. Granted, many ramen places won’t give you a lot of broth. I just can’t get enough of it.

Ramen at Bad Bones Ramen Horizontal.The Food Girl in Town

Ramen at Bad Bones Ramen.The Food Girl in Town

While I wouldn’t recommend this place for a big group, it’s a great place for a quick date night with your favourite person, or for an intimate night with your favourite bowl of noodles. The menu and the space at Bad Bones Ramen might be small, but the flavour is so very mighty.  I’ve never been one to be afraid of waiting in line for food, and I will wait again and again at Bad Bones Ramen for a good bowl of noodles.


PINTEREST.Ramen at Bad Bones Ramen


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