Well & Good Dinners: A Rapturous Recap of Volume III

I’ve always coveted photos of long table dinners. Kinfolk-y suppers with dim lighting, olive branches adorning communal tables and well-dressed people devouring gorgeous food. Basically a food blogger wet dream. Knowing this, you can imagine my excitement when Stacey Tuttle, co-owner of Well & Good Dinners, invited me to their Harvest Dinner.

Along with Allison Connors, the two Certified Holistic Nutritionists created their company to promote delicious healthy food, and do parties and private catering. But do not be fooled by the “healthy” title these gals carry —they know butter makes everything better, and the pavlova was definitely not low-fat. The Harvest Dinner is the third instalment in their series, with previous dinners at Mallard Cottage over the winter and Fixed Coffee & Baking in the spring.

I was a little early to the event hosted at the fabulous Grounds Cafe at Murray’s to get my camera equipment set up so the lights were bright. But then the candles were lit and the welcome cocktail served (bourbon with peach syrup, chai, cardamon and lemon). The kitchen magic started.

Well and Good Dinners.Menu.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well and Good Dinners.Mood.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well & Good Dinners, indeed

The menu was focused on Newfoundland produce, but not traditional by any means.  Using ingredients like ghee and miso and upending techniques like making kimchi with local rhubarb the feast was inspired by international cuisine. Usually I’m wordy about food description, but at this lovely dinner, the food speaks for itself. I will say the place smelled freaking amazing.

Well and Good Dinners.Tartines.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well and Good Dinners.Tartines Closeup Single.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well and Good Dinners.Stacey.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well and Good Dinners.Tartines Closeup.TheFoodGirlinTown

Local matters with Well & Good Dinners

“It feels really good to only buy butter at the grocery store,” said Stacey, as she and Allison addressed the diners during the meal. Almost every ingredient on the menu is local. From the edible flower on the tartines to the blueberries on the pavlova, many items are foraged. Diners sit at communal tables, so getting to know your dining companion along with the local produce is also encouraged.

Well and Good Dinners.Soup Collage.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well and Good Dinners.Golden Beets On Table.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well and Good Dinners.Stacey Serving.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well and Good Dinners.Golden Beets.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well and Good Dinners.Room Feeling.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well and Good Dinners.Stacey and Allison.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well and Good Dinners.Panzanella.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well and Good Dinners.Panzanella Tossed.TheFoodGirlinTown

Carving a new niche for St. John’s

Stacey and Allison created a cozy dining experience I won’t soon forget. These women are creating more than just a dinner series, they are creating a community. A community of like-minded people who love to eat good food, but care about where it comes from. The $50 price tag is just icing on the cake. That’s right, seven amazing courses and a welcome cocktail for fifty bucks! There’s also wine and beer available for purchase, chosen specifically for the evening’s dishes. Let’s just say the 34 diners at Well & Good Dinners Volume III  left happy.

Well & Good Dinners Chicken Carving.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well & Good Dinners Chicken Carved.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well & Good Dinners Pavlova with person.TheFoodGirlinTown

Well & Good Dinners Pavlova TheFoodGirlinTown

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