CabinZero Bag Review and Carry-On Packing Tips

For the past two years I’ve travelled carry-on exclusively. I used to agonize over the weight of my bag, never thinking about the souvenirs I would buy travelling, proceeding to sweat buckets at airport check-in. Enough was enough! I researched my buns off to learn the best ways to pack carry-on. I wanted to travel better, more efficiently, and completely avoid the hassle of checking a bag. And then CabinZero came along.

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Hello there, CabinZero Classic 44L

The CabinZero Classic 44L Ultra Light cabin bag has become my go-to bag for every trip: From my month-long adventure in Turkey to weekend road trips around Newfoundland. I opted for the Mysore Red bag because I love standing out amongst myriad black bags stuffed in the overhead compartment.

One thing to note is this is not a backpacker’s bag — CabinZero is for someone who wants a stylish and functional carry-on but doesn’t need it for a 30km hike to Everest base camp. That said, it’s efficient and comfortable to wear with its thick padded straps, plus the Classic 44L has several handles, so pulling it out from underneath an overnight bus to Athens is a breeze. The bag is also waterproof which is handy on those rainy days when you just can’t find your hotel.

When my bag first arrived, I was shocked at how light it was, and then I opened it. Even more shock. So spacious! Because the CabinZero Classic bags are square and open like a suitcase, you can fit a whole lot of crap in there! Over the summer I’ve used it for a bunch of different trips, and it’s big enough for Adam and I to share on romantic weekend getaways! Even when I jam-packed it for my trip to Turkey, it was still under weight for carry-on allowance.

Which brings me to my favourite part about CabinZero bags — they all fall within the carryon dimensions of most airlines carriers around the world! Now I can worry even less about that airport checkin lady bitching me out, yay!

As someone who travels with a lot of gadgets, I would like to have seen some more interior pockets, but then again, that’s what packing cubes are for! I’ve recently fallen in love with packing cubes; they help to keep everything organized. Some travellers even plan their outfits ahead of time and pack their outfits in separate cubes. While I never get quite that intense, packing cubes help to keep track of your stuff, and CabinZero has a great selection of them.

Cool tech and forever warranties with CabinZero

While those crappy souvenirs you bought in Bangkok airport may disintegrate a week after you get home, all CabinZero bags have a 10-year warranty, which you can bump up to 25 just for liking them on Facebook. If you happen to lose your bag (thanks forced gate check-in), CabinZero has teamed up with Okoban to provide global tracking. Each bag has a unique identification number; all you need to do is register your bag online and forget about it!

Packing Tips for travel in Turkey

My circumstances for travelling in Turkey are unique. I spent a month working on an archaeological dig in a conservative part of Turkey, so I need city clothes, travel clothes AND work clothes that can get dirty. Very dirty.

While you might not moonlight as an archaeologist like me, travelling in Turkey can require a lot of different clothing, especially if you plan on visiting any mosques or exploring outside the cities. I fit all of this and MORE in my bag and it wasn’t overweight for carry-on:

Cabin Zero Contents.Aljorfes Eating ATW12P Peru.TheFoodGirlinTown

  • If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: everything should match. When I travel I can wear any top with any bottom. It makes choosing an outfit easy!
  • Female travellers should travel with at least one scarf if you plan on visiting a mosque. In more conservative areas, it’s respectable for everyone to wear long sleeves and pants. I always wear linen shirts and pants which pack easily and are lightweight.
  • Good walking shoes are a must for exploring ancient ruins of any kind. From Ephesus to Cappadocia, cobblestones and rocky pathways are everywhere and your feet will thank you for wearing sneakers.
  • Turkey is HOT in the summer. Bring a collapsable water bottle to stay hydrated. There are public drinking fountains called Çeşmes all over Turkey, even in rural areas to refill!
  • Istanbul and other major cities like Izmir and Ankara are quite fashionable, so you will definitely want to bring a couple of dressier items for dinner.
  • Leave some room! Turkey has a wealth of beautiful things to buy. I saved some room and bought a small rug and several towels this time (which still fit in my CabinZero bag).

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Buy the best carry-on backpack

If my blog posts haven’t converted you to carry-on only yet, the CabinZero bag will! Use my promocode CZGABPEYTON to save 10% — order your bag here.


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