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Sometimes I don’t feel at home at bed and breakfasts. Some spots feel like you’re at someone’s parent’s house while they’re away for the weekend. I’m always worried about breaking something or being too loud. Maybe I’m not sophisticated enough, or I’m not old enough to appreciate the home-like nature, considering the average age at many B&Bs I’ve frequented has been over 65. This was not the case the George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast. The minute Adam and I walked through the door we smelled cookies baking and owner Todd Warren was bopping around the kitchen.

Home away from home in an instant.

While on our adventure exploring the Baccalieu Trail this summer, we stayed at this gorgeous historic inn for one deliciously comfortable night in Dildo, Newfoundland. Here’s the inn thing about the George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast.

A part of Dildo’s history

I’m sure you’re giggling at the town’s name, but I talked about this in my recent Travel Maritimes article, so I’m moving on. The George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast resides in a 132-year old home atop a hill overlooking the ocean. Also known as the Lloyd George House, it served as the community’s post office for over 40 years and is a founding building in the town.

It’s one of few properties in the province with a 5-star rating from Canada Select, and they deserve it.

George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast

Staying in the Thomas Room

There are five bedrooms at the George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast, all named after notable members of the George family. All have ensuite bathrooms with plush towels and bathrobes to cozy up in, some of them even have double jacuzzis. Our suite was the Thomas Room, named after police constable Thomas George and had all the expected amenities of a hotel.

Thomas Room George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast

Thomas Room George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast

Thomas Room George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast

It’s all about the details at George House. Aside from the aforementioned cookies, Todd had bottle of red wine waiting for us in the room which we enjoyed watching the sunset. From reading reviews of the inn, it seems there’s always something to welcome guests to their rooms. There’s also nightly turndown service with a little tin of chocolates awaiting the evening’s occupants.

Turn down Chocolates at the George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast

Living history in the drawing room

The decor of George House is historical, but in a super classy way. Forget the musty smell of grandma’s antique curtains — the furniture and art reflect the time period in which the home was built and give a sense of luxury.

George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast Living Room Collage

Watching the sunset

In the front porch there was a basket of brightly-coloured knit blankets to cozy up in the lawn chairs and enjoy the Dildo views. Adam was delighted to see pairs of binoculars provided for whale watching and iceberg hunting.

There’s no photo of the gorgeous sunset because I was too busy enjoying it. You’ll have to go there yourself to see it!

Adam at George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast

Gabby at George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast

Breakfast for eight at George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast

For me the best part of staying at a B&B is the second b: BREAKFAST.

The breakfast, nay breakfeast, at George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast is beyond good. We entered the dining room to a table set with fine china and guests chatting amicably. Sometimes eating at a communal table can be painful but we dined happily, consuming still-warm-from-the-oven blueberry muffins. An apron-donning Todd circulated constantly with silver tea and coffee service, and there were mimosas aplenty. The breakfast itself was mountainous: a fluffy made-to-order omelette with hashbrowns, sausages and fruit along with a massive freshly-baked croissant.

No wonder Todd has his own George House cookbook!

Breakfast at George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast

When we left, more fresh-baked cookies came with us. Of course.


9 thoughts on “George House Heritage Bed and Breakfast | Dildo, Newfoundland”

  • We have just returned from a trip to Nova Scotia where we stayed in some beautiful old B & B’s. Love this type of accommodation–it’s so much more personal than staying in a hotel. We also like the bright colours that Maritimers paint their homes, as we don’t see as much of that here in the West. Great review! I’ll remember it when we return to explore Newfoundland.

  • I’m very much with you in terms of how I feel about B&Bs. On the one hand, I want a unique, homey, and personalized experience. On the other hand, I don’t want to feel like I’m couch-surfing in a stranger’s home. It’s a fine balance, but it sounds like George House has it all figured out. The scenery is spectacular, and the food – well, the food sounds pretty darned perfect to me. I’ve been wanting to make my way to the Rock one of these years, and this post is going in the memory banks for when I do finally make that happen. Cheers!

  • What a gorgeous place, Gabby! We spent some time last year in and around Newfoundland and Labrador and loved every mile of our journey. I would return to visit this lovely place, though! Thanks for sharing such a lovely trip with all of us – I felt that I was there.

  • Wow! Loving the colours! I want to visit this place right now. The glass of wine & the cozy blanket are exactly my kind of vacation while enjoying the outdoors.
    Thanks for sharing it all with us.

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