Exploring the Baccalieu Trail in Newfoundland | PHOTO ESSAY

Newfoundland’s Baccalieu Trail sits on peninsula of the Avalon region with over 200km of roads, leisurely encircling abandoned fishing viallges, colonial archaeological sites and brightly coloured B&Bs.  I’ve lived in Newfoundland my whole life,  but it took six years living on the mainland to appreciate what it means to be a tourist at home. A summer road trip on assignment for Travel Maritimes brought Adam and I to the Baccaleiu Trail, and we rediscovered hometown hospitality and some freaking delicious food.   

Lunch in Carbonear at The Stone Jug circa 1860

Once the home of a rich merchant and a base for the whole community, this restaurant is three floors of historical restoration worth a stop even if you aren’t hungry. The BLT is the best I’ve ever had with house-cured bacon. 

The Stone Jug Exterior

The Stone Jug Carbonear

Stone Jug Food


Tasting spirits at The Newfoundland Distillery Company in Clarke’s Beach

The first of its kind in the province. Visit the tasting room for juniper gin. 

The Newfoundland Distillery

Exploring Dildo and having coffee at Dildo Cove Coffee and Krafts

The town of Dildo was named after a piece of a dory in the 1700s, long before sex toys were advertized in your sidebar.

Dildo Newfoundland

Dinner at Inn by the Bay

Meals at this B&B are seafood heavy, with traditional Newfoundland steamed pudding for dessert. 

Sleeping in history at the George House Heritage Bed & Breakfast

George House Living Room Collage

Driving the Baccalieu Trail


2 thoughts on “Exploring the Baccalieu Trail in Newfoundland | PHOTO ESSAY”

  • Every time I see photos of Newfoundland I want to get in my car and drive across the country. Your pictures are stunning and make me even more determined to get there in the near future!

  • I just gasped so hard at the Stone Jug interior photos that I could have probably inhaled a fly. What a gorgeous place! I’ve always wanted to go out East in Canada. I’m hoping one day we can make it out there; these photos certainly don’t help my need to visit. It’s so beautiful in such a simplistic and charming way.

    And it sounds like I need to have dinner at Inn by the Bay :P~~

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