A heartfelt hello, again

Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly. — M.K. Fisher

A lot has happened this year. I turned 30 this year and while that in itself has been an aging introspective roller coaster. Three big changes are dominating my life right now. 

I got married.

This is by far the best thing that happened to me this year, probably ever. Eloping with Adam in September may have been hard on our families, but we had the perfect day just for us. There was champagne and great food, but most importantly we proclaimed our vows to each other in a private, ridiculously romantic way. 

I left my job. 

I walked away from a pretty good one at the end of September after slowly weaning myself part time. Working for a travel company was great, I miss my coworkers and a reason to get a good walk in the mornings, but my heart wasn’t in it. There are days when I wish I had somewhere to be everyday, days where I regret leaving a constant pay check. But then I remind myself how much I love to write, that this tough path will have rewards. I’m good.

I moved The Food Girl in Town.

I’ve transferred to a self-hosted site (which means nothing to non-bloggers, but I’m jazzed). I’ve built this new site with my own two mouse clicks. I wanted to cultivate the blog exactly the way I envisioned it. From picking my own fonts to the way readers can subscribe for emails, to have a place where content could shine. I’ve decided the blog is about travel and food, something I’ve been proclaiming for a while now, but have never seemed to stick with. Over the past four years, the blog has evolved and now it’s finally on right track to being what I want it to be. I can no longer be everything to everyone.

There will be fewer sponsored posts — I want to stick with brands I believe in and trust — and less hustle. There will always be restaurant and hotel reviews, but there will be more food history and introspective travel pieces. I decided there needed to be a place on my blog where I can write about feelings and daily life. As a writer who loves food and who feels very deeply and passionately about things, this space is here. Come along with me on my new journey as a wife, freelancer and writer.

This space is for my thoughts, musings and basically whatever the hell I want. Stay tuned to what’s on the go.

Good things are happening here.

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