Market day in Eğirdir | Turkey

On a small spit of land far far away in the lake district of Turkey, there is a tiny little town I hesitate to even tell you about — I don’t want to ruin it. Four days last summer I hid away in the lakeside town of Eğirdir with three lovely people where we drank beer, savoured apple-flavoured nargile and ate a crap load of fish.

Where market day is on Thursday.

We wandered underneath the tattered rainbow of umbrellas experiencing what was just another day in this town beside the ruins of a fortress whose foundations date to 400Bc.

I smelled the earthy oiliness of the olives before I rounded the corner of the stall, the salty cheeses in plastic buckets made my mouth water. I palmed juicy peaches like a warm handshake and a lady made us buy our weight’s worth in black cherries.

A bustling secret place no one knows about where you can buy anything from green beans to lighter fluid.

You’re lucky I’m even telling you about the tiny town on a small spit of land far far away in the lake district of Turkey.

Don’t go there, you’ll hate it.


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