What I ate at Taste of Danforth: Toronto

I am a Taste of Danforth virgin no more.

The street festival that takes over Greektown every summer is in its 22nd year and is as big as ever — it’s actually Canada’s biggest. Sunday afternoon was the final day of the festival and didn’t seem to be as crazy as the previous two days of good eating, free hummus and Guinness World Record making.

My first taste of the Danforth was Greek poutine from Mezes.


An oily oregano sauce was the Greek interpretation of gravy and the salty crumbled feta glommed onto the fries, making every forkful the money bite. Polished that off in about five seconds flat.

Strolling down the pedestrian-only avenue — spanning four subway stops of the Danforth — I sunburned one shoulder by constantly weaving east through the hoards of people and countless concession stands. There was so much to eat, I became deliciously overwhelmed by the smells of roasting souvlaki, french fries and corn on the cob.

Then I saw the sign for chicken and waffles at The Forth.


The uber-trendy brunch food continues to be favourite of mine and I just had to try it. Simple, tasty (albeit messy) and another dish that didn’t last very long.

The real winner for the day for me was Greenwood Smokehouse. The brisket was ridiculously good, served with smoky BBQ sauce on a piece of plain white bread. No fuss, no muss, just fucking melt-in-your-mouth good meat.


This trio of delights is a limited view of everything you could have eaten this weekend at the Taste of Danforth — between baklava, funnel cakes and lots and lots of meat, there is no way to eat it all, no matter how hard you try.

Until next year Greektown.

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