Where I’ve been and where the hell am I going?

To say there have been changes going on is an understatement. The past few months have been a whirlwind — I finished my journalism degree, Adam finished law school, and most importantly, we moved to Toronto!

I have beyond neglected the blog, BUT I’M BACK BABY!

For a long time now I haven’t been sure I wanted to continue with The Food Girl in Town: I have been really uninspired over the past few months and haven’t felt the urge to post like I had in the past. It felt like it could be the right bookend to the blog — Halifax was where I started The Food Girl in Town, should this be where it ends?

But after saying goodbye to all the great people (and the great restaurants) I have loved for the past three years, I realized that I can be the food girl in town in any town. I am pumped for a new chapter in the big smoke and all the writing opportunities that are here for me.

Not to mention all the fucking great food I’m going to eat.

Stay tuned for much more Gabby time — I have redesigned the layout of my site so I can post frequently  (aka lots more restaurants and pictures of me pigging out) and produce different types of content (I have to put those journalism school skills to use somewhere right?). Look for more food for thought, more photography, and I am even going to produce video content. Let’s keep on exploring.eating.repeating. people!

Look the fuck out Toronto, my tummy is growling.

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