The perfect day of eating: Halifax

My perfect day, like many days, revolves around food. I daydream frequently about eating three meals a day at restaurants and I’ve decided to let you in on the fantasy.

This is my no-holds-barred-budget-busting-shameless perfect day of eating in Halifax.

Breakfast is a no brainer: The Coastal Cafe on Robie Street.

Regardless of the budget, this place wins out every time because of its inventive menu, great coffee and cozy atmosphere. The Durty Burd is the standard choice, in a wrap with half-salad-half-hashbrowns and a side of mole crema. Pair that with Laughing Whale coffee and you’re set for the dream day.

Follow up with more caffeine at Lion & Bright: cappuccino with red velvet espresso from North Mountain Coffee is my fairyland. If there’s room, nosh on pain-au-chocolat, it’s to die for: Flaky, dark chocolate, divine.


Are you already full? Press on gourmet soldier.

Lunch is downtown. Gio restaurant in the Prince George Hotel is a decadent selection for lunch to say the least, but it’s the dream day. Three courses no less. Pain seared foie gras, calamari, ravioli stuffed with sweet potato, and poutine with polenta fries, duck confit and blue ‘cheese whiz.’ Rich foods to gourmandize with a glass of prosecco at a heavenly Haligonian lunch.

newedit for blog2014

If they have them, order their donuts. The perfect dessert for two, with mini hot-chocolates to match.


After a nap — you’ll need it after lunch — get gussied up and head to Field Guide for pre-dinner drinks. Shane Beehan will concoct delicious libations to make your tongue sing and your brain fizz. Rum punches, old fashioneds, and Imperial Sours are shaken, stirred, and poured to perfection.


For those with bottomless bellies, there are some great apperitifs like Shandaph oysters, lamb prosciutto, or their illustrious Donair steam buns.

Lamb Prosciutto.FieldGuide

A hop, skip, and across the street to EDNA for dinner. With the carte-du-jour changing daily, fresh local ingredients are guaranteed, as is the delciousness. Seasonal dishes with trout, burrata, icelandic cod, beef tartarre, or soft shell crab delight patrons and you’ll understand why they were voted one of enRoute magazines’ best new restaurants 2014.


Stillwell is next for the ones trudging forth. The Barrington Street beer bar will satisfy any hoppy appetite with a dozen taps flowing from the giant chalkboard wall. Fancy beers by the bottle, they have them too. Perched on a stool, one can easily feel like the coolest cat in town in this sudsy spot.

To deal with all the richness and inebriants consumed during the perfect day, grease is an order. Willy’s poutine is the only option. Stand gratefully on the sidewalk of Blowers Street as they pass you a medium cheese-gravy-ectasy through their curb-side window. Walk home devouring your steaming delight.

Good night, pass the antacid.

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