Brunch at The Foggy Goggle: Halifax

Saturday afternoon Adam and I woke up late. I am not talking slept in until noon and woke up rejuvenated; I mean woke at up 2pm feeling horrible. The night before we had indulged in ten too many libations at Obladee with our friends Sam and Curtis. Though we thoroughly enjoyed the wine and the charcuterie at Obladee (review coming soon!) neither Adam nor I felt very good that sunny Saturday afternoon.

We decided to get up and go exploring the city in search of brunch and yummy treats that were being presented by local business owners for City Harvest. The city was buzzing with excitement and people, and unfortunately so was my head. Reluctant to sit in a loud and crowded bar on Spring Garden, we ventured down to Argyle street to find an outdoor patio where we could have one last meal outside before the weather got too cold.

Another thing worth mentioning: I love Brunch. In fact, I wrote a whole article about my love for Eggs Benny and Mimosas in my review of jane’s on the common. Recently I read a hilarious article pointing out thoughts and reflections that run through the minds of the stereotypical person in their 20s. There was a comment about how much we all love brunch.

It’s true.

I have brunch with my boyfriend, I have brunch with my girlfriends to recap a night out, I have brunch with my parents when they come into town to visit. To me, brunch seems to be the easiest atmosphere for catch ups, first meetings and hangover recovery. How can you not like brunch? This is not just people in their 20s, brunch has somehow become a platonic unifier for the hungry, the hip(ster), and the hungover.

In light of the acknowledgment for the unification of brunchers, I was excited to sink my teeth into some Eggs Benny and greasy potatoes. The only problem was that Adam and I were just too late. Most restaurants stop serving brunch at 2 or 3pm, and while I cannot fault businesses for doing so, I was very dissapointed. But luckily Adam and I stumbled upon The Foggy Goggle.


We sat outside on the patio of The Foggy Goggle and were greeted by a friendly, bubbly waitress. I immediately ordered a water AND an orange juice with soda. This is another classic brunch move: multiple beverages. Adam was somehow able to order a pint of Keith’s which was on special for happy hour, and we began to peruse the menu.

Described as ‘comfort food with attitude‘ the menu at The Foggy Goggle has a wide variety of pub options, but one of the most interesting things is that The Foggy Goggle is a no fry zone! They do not use deep fryers, and pride themselves on the fact that their food is handmade and fresh. I was impressed by this fact and despite my hesitation of ordering wings that are baked and not fried, Adam and I decided to have them as an appetizer. The Baked Foggy Wings are baked and smothered in an organic apple cider BBQ sauce. The amazing flavour of the sauce more than made up for the fact that the wings were not battered or deep fried. It was sweet and tart and gave the perfect amount of zing, we loved them!


For his main, Adam ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich which also has the organic apple cider BBQ sauce, but the flavour was different and he really enjoyed it. The main attraction to Adam’s dish was the addition of the Foggy Spuds: roasted potatoes in a cream sauce with corn, bacon, red onion and cheddar cheese. How can those be bad? They weredelicious and can be ordered as a side or a full portion for an appetizer. I had the Mac and Cheese, the velvety cream sauce was awesome, the combination of white wine and provolone really stepped up the flavour of the classic comfort food and the caramelized onions in it were perfect. They also have Lobster Mac and Cheese, which I am sure Adam will be trying the next time we visit.


After another pint or two, Adam and I left the Foggy Goggle feeling happy and full. The nicest part about the meal was that because all the ingredients were fresh, we didn’t feel groggy and greasy after, as we normally do following the classic hangover brunch. The Foggy Goggle is an awesome alternative to your regular greasy spoon with its fresh ingredients and yummy meals. I encourage everyone to Explore.Eat.Repeat at The Foggy Goggle the next time you find yourself wandering around downtown Halifax sporting your hangover shades.

Things worth mentioning…

Cost: 70$ with tax and tip for an app, two mains and several pints each.

Things I liked: Apple Cider on tap, the service, and the happy hour specials!

Things I didn’t: The cost of  adding a side of Foggy Spuds is a little pricey at 3.50$, but I suppose you have to pay for freshness these days.

Where to sit next time: Until about three days ago, I would have said to sit outside on their patio…but they put it away for the winter this past Sunday. Have a seat at the bar, or at a table, the atmosphere inside is welcoming and modern in a comforting way.

What to order next time: The Thai Peanut Burger. 


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  • Awesome! I was there Sunday (sans hangover) for that sweet potato pie and Propeller Pumpkin Ale that had on for City Harvest. Definitely impressed…. intrigued by this Thai peanut burger…

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