Hello world!

I have always wanted to write something, and I love food. Consequently, I had the genius idea that I would like to start writing a blog about my one of  my favourite things in the whole world: FOOD! I have travelled to many different countries and what seems to always stay with me are the meals that I have eaten: Whether it be the bizarrely amazing crepe in Nice made with Nutella, cheese, chicken, and peanut butter (sounds gross, but impressively yummy, see http://www.tatotiton.fr/ ) or the best steamed pork dumplings of my life at a restaurant down an inconspicuous alleyway in Melbourne, some of the best memories of my travels revolve around good food, and the great people that I ate it with.

When I moved to Toronto last year to complete my Masters in Art History, I was delighted with the amazing number of food choices. Coming from St. John’s, Newfoundland  the variety of ethnic food options were far from diverse and living a stone’s throw away from Chinatown helped expand my horizons even more than my travels had. As I became familiar with my neighbourhood I became more and more adventurous with my food choices and experienced a trip around the world, restaurant hopping all over the GTA.

These experiences, combined with my recent move to Halifax has finally sparked the flame underneath my back-burner dreams of writing a food blog. The concept is simple: I want to experience the food of Halifax, not like a well-versed Haligonian foodie, but a new person to the city who loves food and is trying restaurants for the first time, just like so many students and other émigrés do in this city each and everyday. This blog will follow my culinary adventures and will hopefully help guide the newcomer to Halifax on their gastronomic undertakings in a new place.

My hope is that this blog will inspire adventuresome eating, even if for you this means trying a new pizza place other than your habitual corner slice, or experiencing the tribulations of offal. Explore. Eat. Repeat.

Bon appétit!!

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