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Being a tourist at a concentration camp

‘Say cheese’ is not something you hear when you visit Dachau. Recently, I revisited my photos of the camp from our visit to the small town of Dachau last May. After I wrote an article for the East Coast Post about Philip Riteman, a Holocaust survivor who —now […]

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3 meals a day in Rome

Roma. A city containing gorgeous crumbling architecture, an actual country, and a lot of damn good pizza and pasta. To be honest I don’t have a lot of great photos of the food I ate in Italy. Frankly, I was way too busy eating, and Rome was […]

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Is ice wine nice wine or just whiny?

I’ve always despised ice wine. While my experience with the syrupy libation has been limited to a few attempts at being fancy while I lived in Toronto, every glass ended in a disappointed, sugary depression. I didn’t like the overt sweet nature of Ontario ice wine, so I […]

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The Adelaide Oyster House

The second last night of Christmas vacation the girls and I headed for Chelsea’s farewell meal. We are grownups now. Babies and houses and jobs have spread us across the world —the five of us don’t spend much time together, a couple days a year at most—but […]


Why do food blogs matter?

I just finished my first semester of journalism school. It was a fast-paced tough kind of fun, but my extracurriculars took a beating: Ethics class called food-blogging unprofessional, slamming bloggers for accepting free food, guest-speakers labeled bloggers as “amateurs,” and professors rolled their eyes when they found out I was a food blogger. […]


The perfect day of eating: Halifax

My perfect day, like many days, revolves around food. I daydream frequently about eating three meals a day at restaurants and I’ve decided to let you in on the fantasy. This is my no-holds-barred-budget-busting-shameless perfect day of eating in Halifax. Breakfast is a no brainer: The […]

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The table is set, but you can’t sit

Imagine a room filled with dining rooms and beautiful food to eat, but not a place to sit. This might sound like a cruel joke, or a line from an Alanis Morissette song, but it’s actually a unique fundraiser that happened just last weekend. Dine […]

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The most underrated restaurant in Halifax

The most underrated restaurant in Halifax is waiting to be found, hidden in the halls of the Akerley campus of Nova Scotia Community College. Fresh Twenty One, formerly known as the Akerley Dining Room, is a fine-dining restaurant that is run completely by the students of the […]

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Eating in Munich

I don’t really like German food. Don’t get me wrong, biergarten (beer garden) food is awesome with lots of pork, lots of sausage, and don’t even get me started on the Currywurst. But once I left the garden gate, there wasn’t much that tickled my fancy. This was my first […]

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Mohamed Ali Middle Eastern Cuisine

My sister Maggie and I recently had a lovely lunch where I ate some of the best falafel I have ever had. Mohamed Ali Middle Eastern Cuisine is located in downtown St. John’s on Duckworth Street and this place competes with any falafel I ate in Istanbul. After […]

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Year Two in Food

As I sit here in my new little office/corner of our tiny living room and I look down at my giant stack of shiny business cards and a list of stories about my recent travels just waiting to be told, I can’t help but think about […]

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Dempsey Corner Orchards-23

In Search of Nova Scotia Peaches

A Collaboration for the Love of Peaches: Words by Gabby Peyton & Images by Kelly Neil Last week Kelly and I went in search of peaches. Having visited a friend in Berwick a week earlier and discovering that Dempsey’s Corner Orchard grew peaches (amongst a […]


The Blood Orange Aperol Spritz

Many of the evenings I recently spent in Italy began like this: A hot evening, a crowded patio, an Italian sunset, and several Aperol Spritzes. During Aperitivo, the supersonic happy hour hosted by many bars in Italy, you can munch on a simple but plentiful buffet of breads […]

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The Canteen

I finally made it to the dark side to try The Canteen, and it was oh so good. Located in the lofty space above Two If By Sea in Dartmouth, it’s only a small climb up the stairs to the bright and airy home of […]

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long shot.NXNMRKT

North by Night Market

On Friday evening Squiggle Park was hopping! The corner of Gottingen and Falkland became a lively night market hosted by Squiggle Park food truck in residence, The Food Wolf. North by Night Market (NXNMRKT) is a newly established monthly event that showcases local vendors, food trucks, and […]

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Siciliano Pizza

My Favourite St. John’s Restaurants

Though most of the restaurants I write about are based in and around Halifax, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a list of tried and true eateries that warm my heart and fill my belly every time I visit my hometown of St. John’s, Newfoundland. Despite its […]


24 Hours in Frankfurt

There are two types of visits to Frankfurt: Layovers exploring the city, and layovers chilling at an airport hotel (or in the airport if you’re unlucky). Commonly known as ‘Bankfurt’ to travellers and business people alike, this city is the hub of European travel and layovers, with […]

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The First Time I went to France

The first time I went to France was 5 years ago. I was in my early twenties, just graduated from my B.A., itching to see the world, and I knew nothing (I mean zilch) about good food or good wine. Most of the meals my best […]

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A plate of tripe.

Kee Heong Cantonese Bakery

Who doesn’t love Dim Sum? I could pretty much eat it everyday, and luckily Kee Heong Cantonese Bakery in downtown Halifax offers up delicious breads, pastries, and Dim Sum everyday of the week! Kee Heong is the epitome of delicious hole-in-the-wall. In fact, the first time […]


The Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule. Holy moly what have I been missing? Ginger beer, vodka, and lime on ice: Simple, fresh, and oh so easy to drink. Traditionally, this libation is served in a copper cup. In fact, the drink’s inception in the early 1940s actually derives […]

FG Title Shot.FieldGuide

Field Guide

Field Guide is a small but unmistakable spot on Gottingen Street that debuted late in 2013 amongst the flurry of openings in the North End this past Fall. Owners Ceilidh Sutherland and Dan Vorstermans cleverly named their restaurant as a means of ‘guiding’ patrons through their […]

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Gnocchi I made

Cooking ‘Straight From The Line’

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself back in the kitchen, finally! During the winter months I relied heavily on old favourites and didn’t venture past my usual winter comfort foods of spaghetti, creamy soups, and spicy curries. But now that Spring is here (sort […]

The Drew

Birthday Drinks at Onyx

Ahhh the muddled cocktail. Muddled cocktails have made a huge resurgence in the past few years, possibly as a result of the 1920s  reincarnating itself into hipster coolness, the re-release of the Great Gatsby, or maybe because they are just plain delicious. Whatever their reputation, they […]

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Maple Brunch at Sugar Moon Farm

Did you know there are over 70 maple syrup farms in Nova Scotia? I totally had NO IDEA! When I heard about Sugar Moon Farm, I thought it was one of few, but how wrong I was! Across the province there are over 370,000 taps flowing […]


Lion & Bright

Lion & Bright is the best of both beverage worlds: A café with delicious coffee, pastries, and sandwiches, and a wine bar with beer, wine, bar snacks, and great dishes with local ingredients. And attached to a local market at that! It’s genius really, and very […]

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Canvas Resto Lounge

Savour Food & Wine 2014

Imagine if all the best restaurants around Halifax and Nova Scotia got together in one place, made a crap load of food, and served the best of the best in spirits. Oh wait, it happens every year at Savour Food & Wine Show where I […]